Lebbek tree

Description of trees
The scientific name is Fructus Gleditschiae.
Also known as pyramidal, clusters, the Caesalpiniaceae.
- Lebbek fruits (Fructus Gleditschiae), is a dried fruit buds. When used to remove seeds, use live or soaked soft water, dried. Sometimes burned into coal, powdered.
- Lebbek seeds (Semen Gleditschiae), is the seeds taken in the cooked cooked or dried.
- Spiny Gleditschiae, which is prickly lebbeck in the lebbek tree, dried or dried, or sliced and then dried or dried. Contains antimicrobial and fungicides. The pricky lebbeck is boiled has the effect of suppressing yellow staph.
In the tree, fruit, nuts, leaves and bark are toxic, but high toxicity when used as an oral medicine, if only used on the skin, will not affect health.
People who have been poisoned from lebbeck have symptoms of poisoning, chest tightness, burning in the neck, nausea; then diarrhea, diarrhea, headache, fatigue, tired legs.
Pregnant women should not use lebbeck (fruit, leaves, ramie), because there are detergent in the borax, acid acidity causes cervical excitability premature, miscarriage, and effects are not. Good to the fetus easily birth defects.
People with weak bowels should not use lebbeck because it will cause abdominal distention, abdominal, abdominal yoke, eating indigestion, gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia ...
People with gastrointestinal disease, stomach disease, duodenal should not be used will make the disease more severe, because in the bean particles have stimulants, cleansing ...
Hungry people should not use lebbeck because it can cause poisoning. Especially those with weak resistance such as the elderly, young children can lead to fatigue symptoms such as food poisoning.