Kaffir lemon leaves (Truc leaves)

Kaffir lemon leaves or also known as Thai lemon leaves Truc leaves, Kieffer lemon leaves, Makrut lemon leaves, or Magrood lemon leaves is lemon native to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.
Kaffir lemon leaves with aromatic characteristics, not as bitter as normal lemon leaves. It should be use in many restaurants, seafood restaurants, chicken hot pot used as a secret to create a special flavor that hardly any spice replaceable.
There are many types of items are offered such as: fresh lime leaves, dry cut yarn, puree, ...


The plant has a very aromatic essence and is widely used in many fields ranging from food, medicine to cosmetics, in which the most used parts are leaf and fruit (with juice, fruit shells ). According to survey pointed out that the aroma of Kaffir lemon leaves is five times stronger than that of normal lemon.
Fruit shell use to deodorize the water, clean and create flavor for drinking water; to treat gastrointestinal diseases, emotion, anti-vomiting, car sickness; extract essential oil for cosmetics. The shell of the plant is also used as an aromatherapy, it tastes soothing and bitter and bitter. Because it is easy to grow, live very well, has good drought, leaves and fruits are quite unique, trees are also planted in many families