How to cook red sticky rice ( XOI GAC)


- Sticky rice

- 1 Gac

- A little slice coconut

- Coconut milk

- White sugar

Step 1: Soak sticky rice with some salt water overnight (6-8 hours).

Step 2: Cut Gac into two,, remove seed, add a spoonful of white wine with little salt and mix them.

Step 3: Dry sticky rice, add Gac, use your hands to squeeze and mix Gac with rice.

Step 4: Let the boiling water into the rice cooker, press "Cook", put above mixture on steaming part of rice cooker,poke a few holes to steam up on easily. During the cooking process you dig several times to sticky cooked.

Step 5: After the douple click “ Cooked”, add coconut milk and sugar. The quantity of Sugar is depended on the hobby of your family . Waiting for 10 minutes for sugar and coconut milk is absorted.

Step 6: Put sticky rice on dish, sprinkle with slice fresh coconut while sticky is still hot. And ẹnoying.


Gac's pulp is 100% from raw gac fruits, product is certified of food safety, 
Frozened: <- 35oc
Storaged: – 18oc
Packing : Soft tray or plastic tray: 2kgs/tray per carton