Chili dry

Chilli is also a "precious medicine" to help prevent heart disease, avoid high blood pressure, increase resistance, anti-cancer, ... Recently Many studies have shown that chili has surprising healing effects such as reducing blood fat, improving the digestive system.

In addition to being used as food, chili peppers have been used as medicines for centuries. In the treasure of folk medicine, there are many precious medicine including chili.


Psoriasis treatment: Spicy chili leaves 1 big grasp (1 clenched hands and ripe stars but not burn), bamboo grains ivory scraped for a bowl, leaves live (leaves burn) 7-9 leaves, about 300g. All in the pot with 2 liters of water, boil thoroughly, drink tea gradually replaced, drink about 3 warm is off.


Anti-diabetes: A study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, University of Tasmania, Australia in 2011 found that eating chili frequently helps control insulin levels. In the blood, this will benefit the diabetic.


According to the study, chili peppers reduced blood sugar by more than 60% compared with those who did not.


Treatment of hair loss due to chemotherapy: 100g red pepper, soaked in white wine for 10-20 days. Use this alcohol on the scalp stimulates hair growth.


Cure rheumatoid arthritis: chili 1-2 fruits; Cord bone pain, indigenous spirits (rhubarb root) each 30g. Drink on 1 month.


Chronic abdominal pain: chilli roots, lemon roots, royal roots, each about 10g. Gold star, good drink on 1 thang.


If you eat spicy moderate will help increase the taste, help digestion better, eat more delicious, and avoid flatulence.


When eating chili, spicy stimulates the taste buds to be passed to the brain. The brain responds by increasing the heart rate, local vasodilatation, increased salivation, and sneezing.


To reduce the burning sensation of chili, the brain releases an analgesic, endorphin.


At high concentrations, this substance makes you feel comfortable. Chili peppers are used to this feeling, chili peppers will lose their appetite.


Studies show peppers are good food for people with peptic ulcers.


According to experts, capsicum contains capsaicin to kill bacteria that cause peptic ulcer, prevent the formation of acid, increase blood flow to the gastric mucosa to prevent ulcer or healing. ulcer.


However, people with heartburn should not take chili, as this can make it more serious.


Reducing blood fats: Chilli peppers are not only useful for people with hallucinations but also for the regulation of blood lipids.


Foreign studies have shown that mice who eat chili peppers have significantly lower blood cholesterol levels.


Spicy chili has special substances that can accelerate metabolism to achieve the effect of burning fat in the body, so it is effective in reducing fat.


It can also promote hormone secretion, which also has a beneficial effect on the skin.


Relieve back pain, arthralgia: chopped 15 fruits, papaya leaves 3, roots only 80g. All of them are soaked in alcohol at a rate of 1/2, used to massage quickly.


Cure boils: chili leaves crushed with less salt, used to fill the boil pus in the pus to reduce sore, fragile pus, healing.


Chilli is good for the immune system, just eating a little pepper or pepper can also make you sweat.


This helps you to clean your body and fight the flu. Chili also helps reduce chest tightness and protect against inflammatory diseases in the respiratory tract.